Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Oh, that laughter. It's always the same.
It doesn't have to be taught, or learned, or forced.
It's natural. And it's lovely.


Oh, how he loves us.
He loves us all.

My dear, my friend,
that means you.
I won't say I'm sorry, though I am,
but rather, I say things in spite of myself.

And I love you with the day, and night,
And because I know it's right.
You just might, you just might
be the light.


I know that you have your suspicions. And I'm letting you know now that they are all true. I gave you a lie, and for that I apologize, but I could not see another way out without admitting something that I did not want to. That it's true, I follow your footsteps, and I assume answers and words that remain as half-thoughts. I couldn't say the truth and come out and say that I did something, I said something, that I shouldn't have. That is cowardly, yes, this I know, but I never said that I was brave.

You? You run with lions.
How can I compete with that?


We fell apart, you and I.
But my heart still goes with you.