Sunday, December 26, 2010

Heavy Heart

Oh God, my heart hurts.
It's a mighty burden.

And I just want you to say
Can I get through the day without feeling broken hearted? Can I live in your love for a day, or even just a moment? And he was here. He used to be here. I hope they're right, when they say we'll see him again. I hope.

I don't want to be the one in heaven, the one that hears the cries of loved ones from below, but is unable to help them.
And if there was anything that I could ever physically do to save the souls of the ones I love, my God, I would do it.

I believe.

This is the kind of burden that weighs on my heart, the kind that cannot be lifted without Your hand. The kind that plagues my life, my love, my determination for a better tomorrow. The kind that lingers over my head all morning, the kind that follows me like a shadow. The kind that makes my soul cry out for help.

He was here for a moment, and I missed it.

Merry Christmas.