Friday, December 31, 2010

I Am Wrong

The facts: It's New Year's Eve. I'm home alone. I woke up to tornado sirens. I decided to see what I wrote this time last year. And I found one of my favorite poems, that I wrote December 27, 2009. I thought I might share it.

So instead of posting a list of meaningless resolutions or whatever, here's the poem. I guess my goal for next year is to go back into writing things that I love this much.

Regrettable thought, but they do betray.
One could have guessed at them anyway.

Talent is not earned, but it comes with a price.
Or maybe it's only how you roll the dice.
Either way, you've got me beat.
Either way, I face defeat.

I wish I didn't have to compete.

Or rather not, because there is no far as you know.
You are blind, but also correct.
It's hard to compete with the perfect.

For a moment, I'll pretend you have my respect.

For an instant of time I was outstanding.
That came down with a crash landing.
The crash brought an end to my marvelous thrill.
My dreams are too complicated for me to fulfill.

Be still.

Yes, I am jealous, but it's more than that.
It seems we are fighting in a fictional combat.
I can't win. You are better than me.
You are something that I cannot be.

Everyone knows this; they agree.

You fought a good fight. You won the race.
And I? I am nothing but a disgrace.

He will hold you in his embrace.

I am erased.
I am replaced.

And you? You have stolen my place.
I leave without even the littlest trace.