Tuesday, December 14, 2010

if I should go.

I've been suffering from nightmares lately. They typically include a murderer, chasing me, killing my friends along the way.

This is most unusual.
I mean, yes, I have had crazy murderer dreams before. But never in a series like this.


You wear your heart on your wrist. Add one to the list.
Well, I've never felt so dead before.

And here's another song that I owe to you,
The kind of one you like to listen to.
The kind of one that says, "I was right."
I was right.

How can you be someone else
when I know you better than I know
- 7SF


I hope. I hope.
And that smile meant everything.
It meant everything
to me.

Today, I lived.


I won't rest until you finally breathe,
because I still love you more than
- We The Kings


I know I'm on thin ice.
I'm playing with fire.
Possibly at the same time.

There are bigger plans for you
that don't include me.
And likewise,
if I should go,
I would be blessed.
But know that I would always
want to be right here.

I would always wonder.

And I would always hold your name
in the palm of my hand.
And keep our whispers
tucked in my pocket.

I know I cannot stay.