Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Beginnings

I've recently realized that I write far too much to not have a blog. And so, I have finally made one. When MySpace was cool back in the day, I would use that one. I have over 600 posts there. When I started using Facebook more often, I would post there in the Notes tab. I currently have 139 posts there.

However, Facebook Notes are just not cut out for blogging purposes. It's not designed that way. It doesn't serve me well.

I must warn you, there will not be a constant pattern here. I will not write every day, or every week. I will write whenever it comes to me. And I assure you, it will all be different. Sometimes, it will be in blog form, as this post is. Other times it might be poetry, free writing, quotes, overwhelming thoughts, or maybe a story. Expect the unexpected.

With that being said, here's who I am:

I am Emily, I am seventeen. I am greatly interested in photography, books, music, Jesus, food, and wearing comfortable clothes. I work at a pizza place and I drive a yellow VW bug. His name is Haven. And I could go into other little "About Me" types of information, but what fun will that be? If you don't know me, I think you will as time progresses. And if you do know me, then I don't have to repeat the facts.

First entry: done.

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