Monday, January 31, 2011

Confessions of an Avid Notebooker

I often write random things in my notebook during class, and so I thought I would post a blog with various things. They're all very random, written at different times and about different things. But, here you go.


January 24, 2011
Why do high schoolers act like they're adults? They abuse their lives before they even have one. Where does innocence go? Is it lost by choice? Or does it leak from the pores, like a deflating balloon?
Can we ever get it back?


In the silence of the moment, she could hear him breathing.

He entered the school and the halls were completely empty. She first thought it must have been earlier than expected, but then noticed students in classrooms they passed. He was late, though he made no motive to rush to class. His pace was even. Pleasant.

He rounded a corner, caught a door handle, and fluidly turned it and slid the door open without creating any excess noise. It was as though he had done it a hundred times before. Perhaps he had.

As he entered the room, not one head turned. Not a pair of eyes, including that of the teacher's, raised to notice his arrival. He was not docked for tardiness. It was as though he was invisible.

He practically didn't exist at all.


You must learn to be still and hear the voices that continue with or without an audience. They will not take extreme measures or seek your correspondence in any way. You yourself must be determined to listen. And let me say now, it's worth it.

I've known your whisper before time began.


I believe I exist outside the norm;
A raging island in the eye of the storm.
I believe our situation is subject to this:
We're all created to be reborn.

Based on this hypothesis,
these words you will accept to dismiss,
because all you see by adversity,
is that my relationship is confined to business.

But in the middle of the sea,
I'm walking on water; I've been set free.
Upon this place, I see His face,
and I know that God is here with me.

Consisting outside of time and space,
I am determined to run this race.
Though I stumble, I shall not fall,
because God remains my saving Grace.


"We're all prisoners...but we're free in the extent that we know how we're controlled."


I remember these days,
and my worst fear is allowing
myself to feel the regret.