Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm here.

You say, "I'm here." But that itself is the problem.
He knows you're present. He knows you're alive.
The point is, why should he have to get your attention?
Why should he have to ask where his friends are?
You are each in your own quarters, this for sure,
you announce your existence when asked,
but don't address yourself by "friend."
If you were his friend, he wouldn't have to ask
where you are.
He would not have to seek you.
You would have already found him.
It shouldn't get to the point to where you
have the obligation to speak out to him.
As a friend,
you should know him. He should know you.

Speak out, he knows you're alive.
Don't dismiss anything. Not a single word.
Because even though you might convince yourself otherwise,
every pain and thought he has is real.
It's real.

He needs you now more than ever before.
And please tell me, as a friend,
that you'll do anything, anything,
to make him feel alive again.