Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lot of Nonsense

Tomorrow is the start of my second semester at MAC. Right now, I should be doing my online assignment but....here I am instead. Trying to get the hang of this whole...blogging phenomenon.

Really, I'm not much a blogger anymore. I just like writing, and this is the safe place for me to put all that. I've looked around at a few blogs by other people, and they're so fancy and proper. But when I signed up on this website, I told myself that this would not become another social networking site for me. This is strictly for my benefit.

I'm the type of person that likes to do what others do. I always somehow find a way to say I'm not good enough, or to shape myself into being someone that I'm not. I find people that outshine me by far, and that always discourages me to rise to my full potential. Recently, I've tried to get rid of that. Because I was made exactly how God wanted me to be.

It snowed today. I took some pictures. I'll try to post one.
See if this works.

Well, it's not of snow. But this flock of birds have been terrorizing the trees around my house lately and I've been trying to get a picture of them airborne for awhile. And as soon as I walked through my backyard today, whoosh! There they were.

I know I haven't talked about photography much on here, and that's for a reason. You see, I love photography. I know a lot of teenagers say that these days...but it's true. I love it. But there's more to me than just photography, and lately I feel like people don't get that. They see me as the girl with the camera. On those stupid Facebook things where they have to say one nice thing about me, it's always, "You take really good pictures!"

And that's all great, but the truth is I love writing just as much as I love photography. And, in fact, I might take a little more pride in it, even though it's less accepted among my friends.

It shouldn't be that way, though. I shouldn't have to isolate my talents. And sooo, even though this is my creative outlet in terms of writing, you'll also be seeing more of my pictures posted. Because that's who I am.


I did something today,
I might have said too much.
And I know that you'll either thank me, or hate me,
but either way, I did it for you.

Really, I only suggested it
because she and I both know of this unspoken vow
and I wanted to let her know that it would be okay with me.
That she had the option, no strings attached.

So, you're welcome.

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  1. I miss your photography. I hate facebook, honestly. I keep it to stay in touch with my missouri people, but the blog world is where I get to be real. Just me... No past impressions for people to cling to and think they know me. Where was I going with this? I know you are a talented writer. I recognize that. I don't always "get" your writing, but your photos always inspire me. I miss that. Oh, and I love you.