Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reasons. Many of them.

I take it back.
I take back every word I ever wrote about you.
I take back every single time I stuck my neck out and let my guard down.
I could have spent it on anyone other than you.
- Say What You Wanna Say by Hit The Lights


Well, there you have it.

Here's a tip: don't listen to anything I say after midnight and a half, especially after 1:00 AM.
Because that's when my mind is vulnerable,
that's when it's raw thought.
That's when I don't censor anything and things just start coming out.

I go back through them in the morning, and usually I have no idea what I was saying.
 I've spent so much time here. That's been for your benefit, and that I don't regret. But this isn't going to change anything. It's only wishful thinking.

I stay wrecked and jealous for this simple reason.

I'm fooling myself, I've known that all along.
And here's two essential things you need to know:

I care. As in, it bothers me.

And I'll always be a liar.
I'm a coward, not a fighter,
disguised as a lover.
- A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by This Providence