Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Golden Departure

I wrote this today, mostly during Cadet Teaching.

If I were to find
an abrupt end to my life,
It's been decided
This morning would suffice.

Now, where this began
runs secondhand.
But who am I
to understand?

There would be no point
of clarity.
No sense of accomplishment
in the midst of me.

Instead, a calm
to take in, then out.
And see the beautiful
skies all about.

Golden enveloped
through trees and air
So that leaving today
would seem unfair.

Indeed, it would
to Greatness here.
Those who feel
they've nothing to fear.

But I, still standing,
am already there.
I've tasted more death
than life could spare.
I cannot fathom
a moment more
knowing that He,
who knocks at the door,
is patiently waiting
to take my hand
and lead me from
this tainted land.
This land I so live
from hour to day
means little in light
of eternity.
And being that Love
knows me by name,
remaining here
would be a shame.

The rising sun
approaches still,
so I'll stand a moment
just until
He finds it fit
to steal me away
before this morning
becomes yesterday.

Because I am ready,
I'm anxious to go.
Though this decision
is beyond my control.
This morning is golden
all around
and my God knows
where to be found.
I seek His grace
in eternity
an I hope that today
He will rescue me.