Thursday, February 10, 2011

this means forever

She was hurt. Badly. But he loved her.
She was mocked. She was called a hypocrite. But he stood up for her, because he loved her.
She went through every day not knowing why. She hardly felt alive. But he lived for her.
She fell in love. With the wrong guy. She let him control her, pull her away. But he always remained.
She was broken. But he loved her.

He gave everything for her.
He did everything in his power to keep her alive.
To show her life.

She hurt him, she rejected him. But he loved her.
And when she called for him, he did not hold anything against her. He presented himself with open arms.

She fell for him. And even though she had been broken, he never left her side.
He held her hand every day.
And she loved him, too.

[Note: this is about Jesus, in case you didn't catch that.]