Wednesday, February 9, 2011

unspoken truths

I'm starting to believe that we are all just trying to get attention. When you hear that, you'll think it's bad, and perhaps you're right, but that's what we're all striving for.

Oh gosh, he's off again.

Stop being arrogant. You know we all want someone to care.
And you think others don't, but you're fooling yourself.

This is who we are compared to who we're meant to be.


These things, I'll never say.

I absolutely hate that you like her. It makes me angry. But, I'm putting that aside, because I just want so badly for you to be happy.

I'm trying to make it a point to keep a little distance, because I don't want to become too attached.

I have to constantly remind myself that you're not going through all of this just because you're trying to get attention.

I stick by your side each day so that you'll realize that you're worth my time. So that text today was a real slap in the face.

I hope you discover for yourself that there are guys out there worth being with, full of love for you.

You constantly remind me that what I do is never enough.

I'm not her. I'm not either of them. I'm not comparable to them, I know that I can never be that important, I know that they are so much more than what I'm capable of. But I try to be the best I can, so don't compare me to them.

You still have me.

You put your hope in people, which is where you go wrong. You must put your hope in God.

None of us will be here much longer. We'll go our separate ways, and then you'll forget about me completely. We only have a moment.