Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Development Through Trying Times

That's all you need to know right now,
But should you like to stay,
I'll be here--waiting, waiting
for you to come this way.

Though if I stand, here we are
in perfect symmetry.
A mirror image--though you are you;
You--and I am me.

The lesser power, the outcast, some
would only know to say.
But you would not, you lovely soul;
Your eyes see more than they.

And I remember a sunny day,
Cruel, from words and lies.
The day my hope in love had faded,
The day my future died.

Even so, I remained
the lesser power still;
Seeing your soul, safe and pained
had lasted long, until

I cried upon the soft grass,
I wrestled with your words.
I waited, waited with my heart
and soul, and mind in thirds.

I could not judge the moment,
or distinct regret.
But I can say for certain,
this I won't forget:

The way you laid beside me,
Silent, still, and lost;
How the decision hurt you;
How much this all would cost.

How even though your lovely soul
shone through--like the sun,
You could not feel its warmth that day;
Could not fathom what you'd done.

But in the late October light,
the beauty touched your face.
I watched it overcome that moment
as Time [sighed] and slowed its pace.

A beauty that I see today--
Yes, you're beautiful.
Though looking through this mirror-image,
I see this most of all:

I see the warmth, not of your skin,
But of your heart, and me--
Held together by your hands
and friendly company.

And should one leave, the other follows,
keeping a watchful eye.
Because who we are, supporting ones,
we help each other--try.

So in this mirror-image,
your problems, mine? The same.
Separate; friends; though much has passed,
I know who you became.

My love for you has doubled;
My friendship, stronger still;
And growing further--for we are
living; learning to be real.