Tuesday, March 1, 2011

excerpt from chapter 3

Part of the story I'm writing. I wrote this today between classes, thought I'd share it.
Also, it's kind of ... mushy. Most of the stuff I write is. Haha. It's all death and love triangles. But anyway, here you go.


“Hello, Riley. I’m Aaron. Do you know how long you’ll be staying here?”
She looked up at him like he was speaking a foreign language. She didn’t even know where here was, and no, she did not want to stay for another moment.
But then she saw him. Not Aaron, but sitting to his right, a boy. A man that had been hastily thrown from his adolescent years. He stole her breath away and rooted her to the spot. And that was all it took to be there, to forget life and death and the leaky faucet and skeletons and the other nine pair of eyes, because he had her tied to him indefinitely within a moment of that one fateful glance.
His face, like the others, was without any color at all, along with arms like bones, but underneath the deadness of his physical body, he was nothing short of beautiful. Though everything about his body seemed worn away from what it had been before he came to this place, his eyes remained. Blue eyes that looked like pools of the Arctic Ocean, eyes that could freeze her to the bone, which was quite possibly what was happening to Riley at that very moment.
And she could not think, she could not focus or break away from anything that was not him, this beautiful boy sitting across the table from her. Had she ever seen someone so pure, so enchanting, in all of her life? There he was and here she was and she didn’t know how but she knew him, she just knew. That he had a life before this death, that he had lived with a past but with no future. That he, in all his perfect simplicity, had been thrown into a world that knew complexity and his mind was a direct reflection of the imbalances of the two. That this boy, this man, was here but did not belong here at all, in this place that consisted of death and dark and cold. But as long as he remained, she had a place here. She no longer had a choice to stay or go. She was bound to him, rooted to the ground, frozen within the walls of time and space.
And so, eyes still locked on the boy, she replied, “Always.”