Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me, brainstorming out loud.

[my thought process in regards to brainstorming a specific character and his role in my story. this started out in my head, but in order to prevent things getting lost or jumbled, I decided to type as I thought, because things seem to flow whenever I have my blog on the screen]

And I was thinking to myself, What situation can he be put into that would equal his own personal hell, that would give him the greatest amount of mental torture? The facts: he loved his dog. His father was an alcoholic that ignored him. He was a walking ghost at school, and when people actually did draw attention to him, it was only to engage in humiliation. He loved a girl that was above him, a girl that felt like they weren't on the same level, and even though she would have liked to know him, she never got around to it.

In his life, he lived, but he did not exist.
That's the foundation of what his character is built upon. That he was ignored, that he didn't exist. That's what pushed him over the edge.

But that wasn't enough.
If we got down to the core of the matter, what is it that really disintegrated his life?

It wasn't so much that he didn't exist. It's that he did exist, and others saw the pain he went through, the struggle and the humiliation, and they chose to let it be so. They did not reach out, they did not say a word. In the end, they knew the consequences, they knew what could and what was probably going to happen, and yet they ignored him still.

And that's what really makes up my character, Isaac Winters. Neglect.