Thursday, March 31, 2011

Souls on Silent

 And when I'm jealous, I'm very, very jealous.
And I doubt that will ever disappear.
It cannot seem to learn how to.

It's too solid to teach invisibilty.
It's constant; a fact; a part of me.
But it's not me. It's not me.

No, I cannot allow myself to accept that kind of hate.
It's followed by regret. Shame.

And I'm watching you. Out for you.
Whichever one works best for you.


This is me
putting the souls
on silent.
Silently, silently.
Hush, be still.
You might miss

It's too late to try and
enjoy that view.

You'll have to pretend.
We all just pretend.
And then we'll believe.
We believe;
and that makes it real.

But that jealousy is on me,
you can't separate me from it
by means of words and hands.
Like you can everything else.


You won't be able to find me here
Your voice, which means so much to me,
I have to put distance between it and I.
Last one; last time.
No, temporary.
I promise, I promise I'll return.

I've got to search for something;
a purpose.
A reason for this productivity,
and fight that jealousy.
Overwhelming contentment
in fierce hatred.
No, I won't do it anymore.