Thursday, March 17, 2011

Withdrawn Of Words And Realms

The moment comes,
but I've been waiting.
Three times, of course,
the charm.
And it's simple enough,
the idea.
The question
holds no harm.

And I'm in love,
that's all it is,
that's all - and what
of that?
No bright lights,
no face or hand,
detecting correct

For in the eyes
of those not seen,
it's a hope that is
because their own
are far more

Not to blame,
to them, or me,
or to him, who
steals my name.
This thievery -
quite well known -
is how he's earned
his fame.

And sinking further,
through dusk and pit,
through fire, ash,
and eyes.
Like a hawk,
on guard, aware
of your one friend:

But back to what
we knew before:
three times, that is,
and I,
was somewhere else
entirely. Too gone
for apt

For I was lost,
and still remain,
in none else but
of you.
For beautiful souls
capture mine,
without a hope 
of rescue.