Friday, April 8, 2011

April 2011 Poetry - Week 1

I've really focused this week on trying to write a little bit of poetry every day whenever I can get the chance, in honor of National Poetry Month. So this is what I've got from week one. Please note that there has been a post prior to this of a poem written the first two days of the month. Enjoy.

A Surrender - April 3rd
Twenty-four hours ago,
my fingers couldn't let you go.
And now I sit, empty hands;
lingering still of different time spans.

I was always waiting for that time,
when you could see my sorrow climb,
and forfeit words, instead, extend
a surrender in behalf of a friend.


I Was Eleven - April 6th
The hourglass has proved me
wrong; yet again, I say--
And there are whispers of means,
of the average, and art--
a contribution to the scholarly
and projections into the expected.
The expected? So it's said
that one can determine the has not,
the progression of the happening,
and place their soul among it.
That the earth, the soil, exists
but as you walk, it is not there,
for perception of one may be skewed
in the definition of structural present.
Who is the one that plans ahead?--
counts the grains of sand, and
knows the confines within the hourglass
and when it runs out, multiples--
and makes accommodations for the unlimited.
But I was never one of them;
could never rely on calculation.
I know the art of coming back
and the soil's irritation,
but I will never reach the future.


When I Fall – April 7th
Running late, that’s nothing new,
But as I climbed the stairs,
While rushing, rushing to the top,
I fell and landed there.

Laugh might you, but to me,
I was deeply caught off guard.
A moment stopped; I looked to God,
Who I had learned to disregard.

Slow down, He said while I sat still,
And I to Him, “Too much.
If I run, I fall, but I cannot sit
and try to keep in touch.”

We both sighed and apologized,
And Him to me, Remember
That if your cause is for Me,
 I shall be your Defender.

My God, my Savior, on my side,
Though I fell distracted.
For Him, I was there, but somehow I
Took my faith and had subtracted.

So I readied myself, inhaled, set,
While arising from the floor.
Focused, holding hands with God,
And we continued towards the door.


Requests - April 8th
I don't want to be outside these walls
or be one out of four.
I never want to watch them wait
for false hope anymore.

[Compromising necessities,
and how we should belong,]
You refuse to turn your back,
but you, my friend, are wrong.

Little monsters and a prince,
and what distinguishes them?
You'll think you know, it may seem so,
but that light is appropriately dim.

And I never wanted to see the day
that of this, you put on me
the regret of the unfortunate,
and raging apathy.

Phenomenal in likeness,
but you can't seem to know
how much of this effects me,
and how it hurts me so.

As you leave, I notice you,
but you don't notice me.
You walk away, and then I see,
You're not all you could be.

And I don't want to be that way,
And if you are, I swear
that things won't stay the way they are
and I won't even care.

You have to learn to take a stand
against opposing lines.
Face the hurt, what you might lose,
but what pain is yours is mine.

I want to be the one for you--
built with you in mind.
Not lovers, no; comforters;
a face that you can find.
Instead of one that spits out lies,
You know, I know, and she
does not care it hurts your heart
because she holds the key.
I want to catch you before the fall,
and keep you by the hand.
Before you go, I'll let you know,
I have but one command:

If I see you now, and then,
let yourself be the same.
Go forward in time, but yet untouched;
as constant as your name.

I want to see happiness
and a life you love to live.
I want for you to take from me
all that I can give.

And I forgive, I forgive--
I hope you can me, too.
For I find peace and love and heart
in none else but of you. 


  1. Is it strange that When I Fall is my favorite in this post?

  2. It's not strange. I'm glad you like it. =)