Friday, April 15, 2011

April 2011 Poetry - Week 2

I was unable to write as much poetry this week as I would have liked to, but I hope you still enjoy what's there.

Inventing One - April 13th
Good side; dark; historically
in a battle. And I've never met
a medium--a comfortable compromise.
The world is conflicted; likewise, we.
I hear a universal "Yes!"
ringing through the hills,
but those I thought would speak
loudest have fallen silent.
Let it be--silently. Silently.
Then small voices say, "World,
this is what I think."
And then criticized, ignorant child,
and struck down.
Because they know; are friends
with purity before the world.
Now, they see the cruelty
and their innocence dies.


God in Mind - April 14th
You need to have your God in mind
and know where you stand; know the kind
of life to live and what to give,
and plainly see what is there to find.


Perfect Sacrifice - April 14th
There runs a river, a river of blood
down in the valley--a crimson red flood.
The grief of sinners poured out like rain
by sacrifice of the lamb that was slain.
He walked by moonlight, saw the red
that ran through the river; sins had been shed.
Took his best friends, said, "Pray for me."
And alone, went forward, fell to his knees.
He cried to his Father, "Take this hour!"
Help Him through this--give Him the power.
Still sweating blood, like the dead sheep,
he walked back to his friends--found them asleep.
At that time he knew he was betrayed;
The Son for silver--oh, a fair trade.
They came with torches, clubs, and swords
and asked who he was. He replied, "The LORD."
Betrayed by a kiss; "Teacher;" "Friend;"
Then one jumped up, ready to defend.
"Put your sword away," He said in command,
and touched the guard with a healing hand.
They bound him after the fighting had ceased,
and led him to be questioned before the high priest.
During that time, Peter denied
three times he knew Jesus--afterwards, cried.
For straight through the crowd, their eyes had locked,
then the rooster crowed and Peter was shocked.
Then they took Him, they mocked, and sentenced to die;
to hang on a cross; they shouted, "Cruicify!"
They casted lots for his clothing, nailed to the cross,
and left him to die, for they knew not the loss.
But he knew the whole time what he had to fulfill,
and he died on that cross by his free will,
for he could have gotten down and walked away.
So why is it that he died that day?
For you, for me, to save us from sin,
so that when we die, we will live again.
Jesus conquered death; his life, he gave,
and three days later, he rose from the grave.
He lived once again, and then rose above,
and now forgives us our sins with mercy and love.

Boxes and Words - April 15th
There are words in my heart
that you may find
if you know how to get there;
if you know just the kind.

If you now how to travel
through arteries and veins
and fight through the fragments
of past growing pains.

Hitch a ride on the river--
a river of blood
an become thicker than water,
thicker than mud.

If you climb to the organ,
and unpocket your key
turn the lock twice,
you'll open to see

an abyss of commas;
lost words that were hidden
in the cracks and the corners;
confessions forbidden.

You'll see the "I love you's,"
of course--typical.
and emotion rings out,
almost musical.

And then the "I miss you's"
will emerge after that
and fill the stale air
with reluctant combat.

Then low at the bottom
kept in a box,
you'll see just one more,
heavy with locks.

And you have each key,
Because you know me
more than the first
and everybody.

You know the password
and you know the way
for I have revealed it
to you everyday.

But instead of unlocking,
you opened no doors;
You put the box in your heart--
right next to yours.


  1. You are an amazing poet. Seriously, I don't even LIKE most poetry, but yours are awesome!

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