Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen

We cannot separate. You are part of me.
And though you're invisible, I'll trust the unseen.
I cried out with no reply, and
I can't feel you by my side, so
I'll hold tight to what I know:
You're here, and I'm never alone.

Happy Easter, everyone.
And remember that we are alive because Jesus died. Now, if we believe him, the Holy Spirit comes and lives within us. Have you ever really thought about how marvelous that is? Now, if we sin, it has been paid for and forgiven. We are free.

And when we die, we will  live with our God in heaven.

If you do not know Jesus, you need to. You can talk to me, message me, flag me down in the streets, and we'll talk about it. If you don't believe, I'd still like to talk to you about it, to hear your thoughts. I will not force you to become a Christian, because that isn't possible. It's is a choice that everyone must make for themselves. If I could save all the ones I love from sin, I would have one that a long time ago. It's between you and God.

He died for you, though. He died for you.
And today, He Is Risen!

May God's peace and love be with you always,