Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fearsome Foils

I’m not coming back—not for good—
although deep inside, I know I should.
But my love has left—like I knew she would.

One still waits: she who gave
a year and heart in hopes to save
me from the clutches of Death and the grave.

What more can be said about this one?
I do appreciate all that she’s done—
but my plan without her had already begun.

My love—she has me wrapped around
her finger—ties me to the ground—
and to this beauty, I am bound.

But my love had bigger plans than me—
to give her life and serve the free—
and I—I must let her be.

For everything stands when people demand
that they forsake their lives—leave their land—
but the young—they die. Do you understand?

I have abandoned all I used to believe
so I shall go—yes, I will leave
because I don’t know how to grieve
for a love whose love I do not receive.