Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As time passes, I find it more and more challenging to be able to take a good photoshoot of myself. It used to be all I was good out, and I'm afraid I seem to be losing that skill. It took me quite awhile to take this photoshoot. I wanted to be able to show off my dress that I got for graduation, since you have to wear a cap and gown during graduation and nobody really gets to see how awesome you might look.

Erm, I had a point. Let's get back to that.

I don't follow too many people's blogs, but I often get really inspired by the ones that I do. Such passion shines through both their writing and photography, and I hope I can conjure up what I have of that within me, too. Sunday, I was in bed about to take a nap, decided to catch up on blogs, and got inspired. So I got out of bed, made myself pretty, and fought with the heat and an involuntary camera to try and get a few decent pictures.

Editing these took me awhile, as well. Like I said, I might be losing it.

Anyway, here's what I've got. I had to edit these on a different computer than usual, however, because my mother is on vacation and I could not use hers. Hope you still enjoy.