Monday, June 27, 2011

The Agenda

I wrote this today during a boring presentation about MAC and whatever. It's not very good, because I was just kind of trying to distract myself, but I thought I'd post it anyway.


And then you lied to me and said
I'm over this--our friendship's dead.
You had this agenda, a certain plan,
and though I was your biggest fan,
that wasn't enough for you--for me,
well I had to let you go--be free.
Two years later, here we are--
I'd like to say that's pretty far,
but not until recently had I hope.
Instead, I learned I had to cope
with regret and loss and reality
and with these things, the finality
of being your friend, and being a part
of the life you treasured within your heart.

But now, I see in front of me
a little hope that we can be
distant--yet present--and enjoy
each other now--girl and boy--
belonging to others, but still here
being good friends with nothing to fear.