Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wait For

I was wrong.

I hope you do well, I hope you drive and find the world, and I hope you discover your place.

I'll be searching for my own, as well.


I'm waiting for that moment of clarity, the moment when things feel right. Maybe that won't come, maybe I'm looking at things from the wrong angle. I've noticed that I do that often--see things from the wrong point of view. I don't think with my heart--I just go with what sounds appropriate.

Also, I'm going to be happier. I'm making that effort, because that's what everyone else deserves from me. I've let them down too many times, and I've let myself slowly slip away. It's like I've given up on striving to be better. That was always the one thing that I was afraid would happen. So, it's not going to.

I've been told that happiness is a state of mind. I can agree with that.
So, I'm going to try to repress my overall hostile nature and see a brighter day.

That is all.


[also, you should go listen to this song]