Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And then, the Auxiliary

I'll burn them all, for this is me,
and in this day, it's right to be
against the predictable; invisible
and certainly always divisible
by someone else--what's mine, is
his right to steal and have--his.
My patience: gone. My love: again,
this time I'll love with what has been
a missing comfort--my fault, forgive
that I am a sinner that struggles to live
up to standards, up to the right
moment of word and truth, despite
a defined persona of perfection and poise
from the people creating the background noise
between whispers and gossip--perfect, indeed--
it's been decided. Now, let's proceed
in labeling one--me--due to another:
a friend, a boyfriend, a boy, a brother;
for they define me. It's obvious,
and certainly, because of this,
I have become less than a desired prospect--
unable to achieve anything perfect--
and I run into danger again, instead,
though I can see it coming from miles ahead.
Without these men, I hold no sight
worth seeing as anything somebody might
admire; respect; oh no, God no--
we must therefore stick to the status quo
and push me under feet--worthless.
I'll be forsaken there forever, unless
someone dares to defy the people of earth
and see me instead as somebody worth
knowing and loving--based on me,
not someone I know or hope to be--
and not in the shadow of a false romance,
waiting on someone to give me a chance.
I don't need them--I'm content
without needing someone to represent
my life; my journey; and my soul.
Alone, I'll be happy--alone, I am whole.