Saturday, July 2, 2011

Edit Me - Week 7

 My Reflection of Something

I took this picture directly to Picnik, and started out by bumping up the Exposure by 5 and the Contrast by 25. I then tried the "Holga-ish" option and blurred the edges 87%, set the grain to 11%, and faded it 18%. Then for fun, I tried the "Orton-ish" option and set the bloom to 66%, Brightness to 55%, and faded it 50%. Then I softened everything except the flag by 70% and faded it 50%...just for a little umph. The colors were a little too faded for my liking, so I raised the saturation by 15%. I tried to add text, but ended up not liking it so I took it out. Then I saved it back on to Picasa. Afterwards, I decided that it was missing something, so I added text back in, haha. Here's the finished product.


  1. Great edit, Emily. I like the understated look of this. Classy. :)

  2. I think this looks lovely and elegant! Great job, Emily!