Sunday, July 10, 2011

Faith in God; Faith in Men

You don't know him; you can't say
words of hatred or apprehension
against such a grace; against someone
that I choose. Willingly. That I see.
If there's something there that I may find,
and you respect me, respect my decisions.
Although, I'll admit that I've been wrong.
Yes, indeed. And I screw up.
I'm the prime example of a sinner.
But I'm not proud of that. I regret it, really,
and I thank the Lord that I can seek His grace
and find it. And live in love, His love. His perfection.
But even so, I know right from wrong;
It's been embedded within my soul.
And I think we should all just try, just for once,
to give everyone--especially those we don't like--
a chance. The benefit of the doubt.

Because deep inside, we're all the same.