Tuesday, July 12, 2011

show and tell and art. or something.

 When I uploaded the following pictures, I accidentally uploaded them with lower quality than normal, and I apologize if they appear that way. I promise the originals are gorgeous, haha.

So July is slowly slipping by, and I just wanted to share a few pictures that I took a few days ago. Starting with the beloved Romeo.


I'm planning on putting a lot of these on my photography page Instead, Inspired--which is still in the works. But when it's up and running, you all will be the first to know.



And now, for some of my home life.
Which means random pictures that are not considered art in the slightest.
Which can sometimes be the best kind.

My best friend, Deacon, bought me this Kindle himself.
He is the best person in the world.

This is my puppydog face.
I know, it needs some work.

This is not my puppydog face.
This is my...yeah, what are you looking at?! face.

I got new shoes! They some of the most comfortable things known to man.

I coat my room in bible verses so I'll see them every day.
God is good. He is so good.
This verse is one of my favorites, which is why it's placed on my mirror, right above where my head is when I look into it.


Last but not least, I got new TOMS!
Best. shoes. ever.

Share your thoughts! =)