Monday, August 8, 2011

Before You Pass Judgement

Please note, I did not do this without
great hesitance, but with intention.
And thought. A great amount of it.
It was not easy--but it was right,
and I knew from the start that something
was wrong. I knew.
It is the result from thinking with my heart,
and seeking advice through prayer and God.
It came from trust and faith that
there is someone out there that He has planned for me,
but it's not you. Oh, it's not you.
At least not here and now. That's clear.
Though I love you dearly, and always will,
I love my God more. That's just a fact
that I cannot change, nor want to change,
because that's how it should be. And the one
that I shall spend my remaining days with
will have been built with me in mind. I have faith.
You have been, are, and remain my best friend,
and I don't regret a single day of that.

It didn't work out. It's nobody's fault;
it's just the way things are.