Monday, August 1, 2011

A False Friend

I'll heal; I've healed; and I shall heal
without permission or consent from you.

I will prevail--I'll be first;
and I'll be last in line, as well.

Love has never meant so much
in such a little amount of time,

and it has never been as false
as the mockery that escapes your lips.

But I do not blame the word for that,
nor do I blame myself. I blame

the miserable longing of a false friend;
I blame the morning of a dying day.

I had hoped with memories put to rest.
That was my first mistake.

The second was pretending
when everyone knows I'm supposed to be a grownup.

The third was accepting
you in all of your entirety. Oh, it was you.

My mistake, as I've said before.
Oh, the flaws of an unintended heart.

While we're on the subject, I've decided
that you can't expect something worthwhile

to be an instant hit.