Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Haven't Figured Out

Now I've gone for too long
living like I'm not alive,
so I'm gonna start over tonight.
I'm not going,
because I've been waiting for a miracle.
And I'm not leaving.
- Paramore

While browsing blogs, my dog Romeo fell asleep on me. It's the cutest thing, and I wish I could take a picture but moving means disturbing him.

Dogs truly are man's best friend.

Also, today is Jon Schneck's birthday, so I'm listening to Relient K to celebrate.
(okay, okay...I was listening to RK before I realized it was his birthday. You caught me.)

Today has been good thus far, and I hope it continues.


It is hot, and it is not,
I repeat, it is not
just one spot.

But in smiles, say "hello,"
and up above, far below,
all is well, although

we had a bad yesterday.
that we cannot take away,
but look among them--they

who twirl and dance and laugh and shout
of life they have and about
all the things they haven't figured out.