Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Constant Motion

I never thought I would be here--
vague and fortuned, yet a dear
and beloved companion to a lost heart
that longs for mine with each second apart.

I never thought the world could make
sense after all of life--I thank
my Lord and Savior, my dog, my friend,
and all of that which we did not intend.

I saw you once--and now, again--
I see you closer, since we have been
a turning table and butterfly
in constant motion, which may imply

that we would fail, Oh, we might think
that we could walk and talk in sync,
and while in the eye of how things seem,
we deny each other and devise a scheme

that would forfeit the rights of a friendship, indeed,
yet hope for nothing but to succeed
in a selfish -ship and a daring disgrace.
My dear, my darling--this is not the case.

We might grow--yes, we shall move--
and our peers and friends may disapprove,
but this is right for you; for me;
and for our God, whom I believe

put you in place for me to find,
and put me wandering with you on my mind.
Thank you, my Lord, and let it be so
that we honor You always as we both grow.

And as for my other half, I knew
that our time together was long overdue,
but now I know it was worth the wait
as I live in love with my dear soul mate.

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