Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Thing More

I'm surprised at this--though I know
that one disguised as fear can be a foe,
but a friend may emerge just by chance
and cause you to take a second glance.

Friends--they're fair, though they leave
and family--they're there, though I believe
that neither remain for an extended time--
indeed, some will fall on this mountain climb.

And enemies--remain a sort of make-believe
and to you, ride your tail--sit on your sleeve--
and they linger longer--a shadow, behind,
though your experiences with them are undefined.

It remained in my head. Nobody knew
that I thought all was lost--I thought only few
were left to care. No, that's not true.

And here, I thought the worst of you.


I just got my hair done, and I feel SO much better. Something about the freshness of it puts me in a great mood. I even felt good enough to clean out my car when I got home, which I have been putting off for weeks. Now I have two hours before work...which is less exciting...but you know, work isn't as bad as I make it sound. I just complain a lot. I actually like it there quite a bit. It's stressful, sure, but it's nice to get away from everything else for awhile--6 straight hours without any electronics--and feel useful. Feel like I can do something and be good at it.

I'm rambling now, excuse me.

By the way, I'm a finalist in that photo contest I entered a few days ago at Little Somethings. You can go and vote for me on the poll on the right.

Or vote for miss Katy from Sanguine Eyes. She is how I found the contest in the first place. =)

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  1. Has this one always been called One Thing More? I could have sworn it was One More Thing when I looked at it yesterday. =S