Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perspective of Pain

It's hard to see someone you love move on to someone else.
It's difficult--even as a young adult.
As a child, for that matter.

What people might not realize is that though from an adult's perspective, a child might get upset over something that seems silly, unimportant, or immature, it is not that way in the child's perspective. They can get devastated over something that will never trouble an adult. And while what causes stress or desperation to a child might be frivolous to an adult, one must never degrade the child's feelings towards that matter, because the pain and anxiety felt by the child is very real. This is why children in elementary school might kill themselves over a failing test score, or a teenager because of constant bullying.

Pain--though seen through different times and ways--is experienced by everyone.

Pain is very real.


It's hard to be young and limited.
It's hard to be confined by your dreams,
though they are supposed to free you.
It's hard to love and be loved,
and want to love, though faced with incapability.
It's hard for things to end so quickly--
before they had a chance to really begin.
It's hard to think of one moving on,
and to know it is inevitable.

It's hard to still be here, honestly.