Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She Would Change Anything

We painted away--we painted to stay.
We captured colors on the floor.
Words weren't enough anymore.

I have an "a"--two, in fact.
You have two "o's," to be exact.
Who knew we were so different?

We were identical in our first names.
We were alike--almost the same.
And tell me, would you change anything?

If she could, she would change anything.
In her free will, she would change anything.
I'm sorry, my Father--I couldn't sing.

We loved each other--we didn't know how.
You weren't my brother, though I could tell
that your soul and mine knew the other.

I should have fought for you instead
of getting caught in a thought left unsaid.
Are we the right form?--we've been misled.

Of these, I was afraid.