Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things I Know

I know that I will always be a little kid at heart.
I know that I will always, always love Disney Pixar movies.
(Especially Wall-E and The Incredibles.)
I know that I hate it when people leave without goodbyes,
but I know sometimes that's just how life works.
I know I like the idea of "carrying corners,"
and that my church family is a blessing to me.
I know that I'm thankful for all I've been given,
including my life, health, family, and talents,
even when I don't quite act like it.
I know I should be bulleting this list, though I'm not.
I know I love Deacon Seals, and I don't care who knows it.
I know that if my focus remains on my Lord,
then he will straighten my path.

I know that I love writing in verse and lists,
and that even if I try to write in paragraph form,
it just naturally comes out this way.

I know that I am truly blessed.