Monday, August 22, 2011

To Tyler.

This not-so-great poem is dedicated to my friend Tyler, who lives in Indiana. While reading his blog, I stumbled across this poem which was to me, so I decided that he deserved a reply. However, I've been experiencing just a slight case of writer's block with poetry for the past couple weeks, so it's not as awesome as he deserves, but it was the best I could manage. For now, anyway.

Memorize my face--my name--
these, you know. These, you claim.
My voice, my eyes--you have those, too?
Or do they exist inside a frame?

A friend, you say--and this is true,
even though I've not seen you.
But never have you let me down,
which puts you in with very few.

Surely you should wear a crown,
for proving yourself from all around
with such few words and little time
that reach from there to this small town.

And I know that you can spin a rhyme
that compared to this one, is the prime
and humorous result of a smiling heart
and friend I've found. And me--I'm

glad you came to me--from the start--
your letter to June--a work of art--
and to be your friend, what a joy,
though we live so far apart.

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  1. I probably should thank you on here on for this awesome poem, so it doesn't appear to have gone unthanked. 'Cause that would be awful for something this good to go unthanked - or even appear that way.