Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The American Way

Momentous occasions, they do expect.
And for the living, we add for the hire.
We sit here dazed on a mountain of faces--
of Hamilton, Jackson, Franklin and Grant--
yet that is all. We bounce our feet
in the freedom of air our altitude grants--
for we are so far above the rest.
And of course--we have our own problems:
drawing closer to the ceiling, perhaps,
or what genre of music those speakers play.
A hundred-thousand to change that tune!
Promptly, now--patience is so old-fashioned.
Now, there are dogs outside. They whine.
Abuse! Abuse! Stop the madness--the unjust!
Those lab rats have feelings, afterall!
But those around the world? A lost cause.
They are dirty, and poor. Disgusting things.
They can't even afford a pair of shoes.
Why--I have nine pairs myself. Though,
I am American; therefore I am.