Monday, September 19, 2011

Murmuring of Bees

Last year, I bought a book of Emily Dickinson's collected poetry (I've mentioned this before) and began reading it. My goal was/is to get through the whole thing, and I got pretty far--I'm currently on poem 55 in the 5th and final section of the book. So I'm almost halfway through the last section. I got pretty busy in the past couple months and didn't really have time to read much, but now that the school year is back up and running, I have more time to read poetry than I do novels. And thus, Emily Dickinson has been taken off of my book shelf once again.

I was just flipping through it and read the last poem (CXI--her poetry isn't titled, so they number each one in roman numerals according to their sections) in the "Nature" section, and it made me giggle so I thought I'd share.

It says:
The murmuring of the bees has ceased;
But murmuring of some
Posterior, prophetic,
Has simultaneous come,--

The lower meter of the year,
When nature's laugh is done,--
The Revelations of the book
Whose Genesis in June.

I had underlined the first line and scribbled in next to it, "Thank the Lord...So.Many.Bees."
Because frankly, Miss Dickinson wrote about bees an excessive amount, and over 100 poems of that in a row was a bit much, haha.

Anyway, I'm glad I have more time for reading poetry. I had never given it much time before last year, and now I really enjoy it.