Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Color

I finally got a day off. Any guesses how I spent it?
A.) Sleeping
B.) Editing pictures
C.) Watching cheap zombie movies with Jenna
D.) All of the above

And the correct answer is.....D!
Big surprise, right? Right.



So, I kind of love Autumn. (I actually call it Fall, but for the sake of blogging we'll say autumn.) I really dislike zombie movies. So instead of giving you pictures of crazy zombies (because, you know, MO is full of them apparently) I decided to give you pictures of flowers instead. =)



(okay, so the one above is from last month, but I had time to finally edit it today.)

Oh, and some of me, too. Because I feel like it's been awhile.


These were actually taken on Saturday, after I got home from the Marching Band festival at the high school. I got a bad sunburn. You can't really tell, though.


The point is, I looked funny all week.
But hey, it was worth it to sit by Deacon for awhile and watch the bands.


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