Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a letter to the boy down the street.



I have come the the conclusion that I spend every second with you that I can, and it is never enough. There's never been anyone else in my life that has the ability to take my day and flip it around in an instant. I am physically incapable of being upset when I am around you. It's kind of awesome.

Somehow, you understand me.
I'm not sure how. I'm pretty strange.
But you do. You get me.
And when you don't, you're patient.
You listen.
I never realized before that I just needed someone to listen.

You listen like it matters.
I guess to you, it does.

We've lived on the same street for over ten years. How in the world did we not realize this sooner? We spent so long in trial and error, searching for other people who insisted on running away. Claiming love with people that were obviously meant for someone else. We learned, I guess. We lived. We loved. We learned.

God has a plan. He always has.
I'm glad it's finally come full circle.
I'm glad that I've got you.

The girl up the street,


P.S. 98% of the sappy over-dramatic posts I've written within the past year have been about you. 
As if you didn't already know.

Also, I hate No Shave November. =)

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