Monday, November 28, 2011

Side by Side

I have failed.

And I have loved.

And I have sat, I've stood, I've seen
everything in shapes and sizes be
too much. Too little. Just right? Maybe.
But more so inadequacies.

Did I love? Did you? No.
Of course, I know. Of course. I know.

But haven't you ever wondered
if you made the wrong choice?
I guess, it's useless. I guess once
the words have left
and the sand has settled

and you start walking one way
and you untie all knots of promises
and you decide to end a friendship
and you decide you're better off

and I write my soul in ink
and I fight off nightmares of replacement
and I try living as though I could
and I try loving as though I could

then it's better to not retrace your steps.
It's better to run with whatever you choose.
It's better for me to learn to recover.
It's better for me to stand firm.

And no, nothing about this has changed.
I was just clarifying.