Monday, November 7, 2011

the thing about Goodbyes.

I can't get that song out of my head.

I'm just as good. I'm just as good.

Or some words. You know,
"Today, pretend
that you are as strong
as I know you are."


And it came to me then...

that Farewells are more than saying goodbye.
They're more than ending on a happy note.
Have you ever pondered why?

Have you ever had to ask yourself
what your last words to him were?

And that's why we say Goodbye,
that's why we make certain
that all is well when we walk away.

When we pass in the gym
and give a slight grin, or nod,
and continue walking separate ways.
To our own fates; our destinations.

That's why.

The gym was white then.
Now, it's blue.

Like they tried to paint my memories,
they tried to cover it up with change.

With blue. How convenient.
How perfect. Divine.
That the color they choose
should be so cold.

Like a chilled whisper;
a footstep; a look.
A memory.
A passing.
A failed farewell.

That's why you always, always
should say Goodbye.