Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a bunch of random pictures and stuff.

Great title, right? Right.

I had fun on Christmas Eve, in my new pajamas (tradition that my Mum insists on), jacket, and TOMS (both from my lovely boyfriend).


I'm cute, I know.
Those pajama pants have the Grinch on them, by the way.

And...here's a closeup of my shoes:


Oh, I might as well do a great big photo dump, while I'm at it.


I was in a Snow Patrol mood.
Tonight I'm in an Owl City mood.

This is a picture of Venus, our dog that died a few years ago.
I miss her a lot. I keep her photo on my desk.

By the way, I just finished Tuesdays With Morrie. It was alright. Next stop, finishing my book of Emily Dickinson's poetry, possibly Fahrenheit 451, and then Little Women

Also, we got our family photo done. Well, I set up my tripod in my living room and had Deacon push the button. Eh. It's not as good as a professional picture, but it's quick, simple, and cheap.

Left to Right: Karlee, Dad, Mum, Romeo, me

And well, just because I'm silly:


Italy pictures are on their way!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas.