Sunday, December 11, 2011

a slight discovery.

What I like best, or at least quite a bit, is going back through my posts and reading something that I really like, especially when I don't remember writing it. It's like flipping through a poetry book and being struck by something unexpected. I wrote this on July 4th, 2011, in a post celebrating my 100th blog post on To Be Real, as well as celebrating my 5th year of blogging altogether. It was also titled Apologies, and had just a lot of good stuff packed into it.

I wish I could dish out good writing like this on the spot these days. I hate how it goes it waves.
Anyway, in case you missed this, like I seemed to, I'm putting it down again.


I keep seeing ideas--thoughts materialize--
and certain substances that tear through reality
and scream through the night. 
Is this how chaos feels? Instability?
Insecurity--my one downfall, always.
But I might make promises within my youth,
and be blessed from there on until
I realize the margins of such a gift, and requirements,
and the laws of physics start to adjust accordingly.
But otherwise, before I had known, my mind
would have been able to take to the stars
and touch the mist; the clouds; the air.
I stood in awe of lightning tonight,
and decided that God is real. He's real.
He's real. He's real. And such assurance
is enough to capture me completely--
it's enough for me to put my faith first
and pray to God, Please hold my hand!
There we'll stand--hand in hand--
safer than home and words and rain.
Safer than I had ever known before.


Also, I'm in a Christmas drama tomorrow and I'm starting to get a bit nervous about it, so just pray that all goes well. Lovies.


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  1. You done fantastic in the drama. I know I can always depend on you. Thank you for using all the talents God has given you. You make me smile! :)