Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ambivalence, verse, and music.

This song has been stuck in my head for awhile now.
So I'm going to share it with everyone. It's a keeper.

So, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. School started back up and, as planned, I haven't had much time for anything. I have been looking up my daily words every day, so don't think I've cheated. I just haven't posted in awhile. 

And this week only gets more hectic from here. I'm taking 16 correction: 18 hours this semester, which is exactly as crazy as I was hoping it wouldn't be. Biology, American Literature, Poetry, American Political Systems, Creative Nonfiction, and Wellness Center. Ugh! It'd be fine if it wasn't for American Lit I. That class kills me. We have to read so much. and it's all really, really, really boring.


Alright, so day Nineteen's word was...

[am-biv-uh-luh' ns]
the simultaneous existence of two opposed and conflicting attitudes, emotions, etc

Found: in my Creative Nonfiction textbook.


And the word for day Twenty was...

noun or verb.
1. communication of thoughts by words; talk; conversation
2. to communicate thoughts orally; talk; converse

Found: discussed in my Creative Nonfiction class


Fire eyes, fire eyes
in whom you refuge in disguise
looks beyond the likes of me
with furnace lakes in friendly skies.

Between the air expands a sea
consumed with flame in trajectory.
Recoil, I shrink; I'm black as ink;
Flying flames as artillery.



Day Twenty-one. The word is...

[dih-rizh-uh' n]
ridicule; mockery

Found: while reading the book of Pslams


I hear you whisper in the wind.
          You conquer my soul, oh my God.
You bless my heart with the sunrise
          and send messengers of encouragement.
I can't be here without You here;
          I can't imagine a me without You.
You are my Lord, my Father, my God
          and I know You live in every heart.
I know You work among us all.
          There is nothing untouched by You.



Day Twenty-two. The word is...

[fluhm-uh' ks]
verb. (Informal)
to bewilder, confound, confuse

Found: in my Poetry textbook


I'm searching for
a place, a time
when we were happy;
when you were mine.


And finally, day Twenty-three.
The word is...

[mal-oh-der-uh' s]
having an unpleasant or offensive odor; smelling bad.

Found: while reading my Creative Nonfiction textbook.


Oh, I never, never
could understand.
I never, never,
knew the day
that it officially
began, then not.
So quickly, now,
it seems it came.
So suddenly
screeched the brakes.
I never, never,
could recognize
if what I felt
was legitimate.
But now, too late,
but now I think...
Yes, I think
that it once was so.
Once upon a January,
a day not far from February,
it might have began.
But there, of course,
there is where it began
to end.


And this is song numero dos that has been stuck in my head today:

Note: this is not Ritchie Valens singing, but the real version had annoying music in the background.