Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, I just watched The Help for the first time.
It's a winner.


I will not become
a ratty, batty,
narcissistic, jealous

My 10-Word poem for the day.


 Day...Eight? The word is...!

verb. (sometimes noun.)
to cheat out of money or other assets

Found: while looking up synonyms for "burn"


She couldn't say it if she wanted to.
My eyes are towards the floor.

Has the thought crossed her mind? No doubt.
It's happened across mine on several accounts.

And she enjoys the rhythm; beat;
he enjoys the mighty game.

And calamity, taboo, oh no no no.
All is well and fair indoors.

Nothing vile or threatening exists
if said only just above a whisper.

Of course, she knows. Common sense
has not left her empty-handed

but his hands are cold and dried with dust.
He lives on his eyes alone.

Icy pools that possess such pull
upon the heartstrings of another,

no wonder she has had no choice.
No wonder so many have fallen.

But, as well, as so very well,
all is fair in here, indoors.


Oh, just some random thoughts.