Friday, January 13, 2012


First off, guess who finally has Microsoft Office 2010? THIS GIRL!

You know what that means? Lots and lots and lots of writing, like I used to. Stories. I mean, more poetry too, but mainly more stories. I used to write stories quite literally all of the time and have gotten out of the habit, but no longer! It will begin again!

Secondly, we finally got snow today!! (More so, we got extremely cold wind.) I didn't get any pictures of it, as I still had to go to school, but I did write a short poem during my hour break. I usually don't hang out in the library, but my last class is on the top floor and I didn't want to have to leave and face the cold wind just to come right back, haha.

And you know, sometimes new places are good for inspiration.
So I wrote this as I was sitting at a quiet desk by the glass windows, watching other students outside cross the frozen quad.

Charcoal sidewalks etched in ice
before her frozen, frigid pace
are like a sheet of fragility
as her feet place, roll,
and step again so carefully.

Heel to toe defeats the snow
and slow pace conquers ice
but mistakes are looming, like trapdoors 
waiting, waiting
to fault and fall.

Afterwards, I sketched a nice picture of a lamp post.
Well, nice in terms of me.


[I'm looking this up and putting it down as a draft on Wednesday, because I didn't get home as early as I had planned and I don't have time to do a whole post.]

Day Eleven. The word is...

[in-fal-uh-buh' l]
absolutely trustworthy or sure; certain

Found: said by my Biology teacher today during lecture.


And for Day Twelve, the word is...

[in-trin-sik, -zik]
belonging to a thing by its very nature

Found: while reading my textbook for American Political Systems.


I was going to post more pictures from the other day, but I don't have enough time.
I must read my Bible and be in bed by 1 AM.