Friday, February 3, 2012

Cute Cat Pictures, if nothing else

Note: this website is my friend.


I'll have truth.
Solution: Found.
People here are free. Are free.
And facing inferiority.
They'll criticize--look at them--
and want to live like nomads,
but they don't. They stay--they're free.

I was wide awake today and the weather was sooo nice (upper 60s!) that I decided to get all of the rabbits out to stretch their legs. I even gave Marco a bath. and cleaned half of the cages. =)

Unfortunately, bunny pictures are not done yet. BUT! I do have a very, very cute collage of our kitty friend, Kevin.


I did my homework tonight, too!
Alright, well, I do have a test in American Political Systems tomorrow that I failed to study for. But in my defense, I was there for the review day, it's open test and open notes, and I have a free hour tomorrow before class.

Anyway, off to bed. Lovies!


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