Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free Fall


Rhetorical question. I had a thought
that we, through birth, had willingly bought
a life with pursuit of happiness—
instinctual, without need to be taught.
So why are heights a common friend
to catapult bodies—the latest trend?
And why, if so close to happiness,
does depression distort us—break and then bend?
Why, if we live, do we want to die
so young? We don’t even want to try
to work toward the pursuit of happiness
and treat life as more than a passerby.


Cut my hair                        >>choice
Cut my food                        >>provision
Cut my finger                    >>accident
Cut my salary                    >>solution
Cut my skin,
my soul,                               >>result
my life 


Sinking, flinging,
flying shoe
released from cliff’s edge,
falling through
nature’s oxygen,
hit with sunlight,
and sky blue
as it free-falls
straight into
reflected images
of me and you.

Goodbye old friend,
you almost flew;
Now, you swim
in life